South Asian governments are under pressure to deal with Green House Gas reduction and down to earth issues such as free education, healthcare and job creation in order to retrieve the millions of impoverished citizens that have been left behind. To raise funds, they turn to defence cuts and in particular nuclear disarmament. Arms dealers, who see this movement as a serious threat to their multi-billion dollar munitions business, engage terrorists to stop the disarmament movement. Terrorists attempt to destroy the disarmament team by blowing up a Canada to India bound commercial airliner. But the team misses the flight and, the terrorist, Anil Godsé flees to England. Godsé now focuses of disrupting a Carbon Abatement and Nuclear Disarmament conference scheduled to be held in Lincoln City. The U.K authorities search for him in vain and refer to him by the code name Canadian Visitor. 
     In Lincoln, the main character, Cynthia Amis, a hard working special education teacher struggles with the school board to provide resources for her two orphaned special needs students. After a chance meeting with a newly arrived Canadian professor at Lincoln University, Paresh Naik, she persuades him to help her. He is an expert in virtual reality simulations and creates avatars that can teach. However, Prof. Naik turns out to be a mysterious and reclusive. His only hobby appears to be crossbow shooting. Cynthia is drawn to discover more about him. He hates talking about his family but is drawn to her students, Lisa and Patelji. Moreover, he is prone to bizarre flash back episodes, symptomatic of a person suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. As Cynthia works with Paresh to develop the virtual reality technology, their relationship deepens and so does the bond between Paresh and the children. But unbeknown to Cynthia, Paresh’s troubled past comes with a hidden agenda. A surprising fact is discovered about Patelji's background that makes him a vulnerable target. Is his mentor Paresh and Canadian Visitor one and the same person?
     As Canadian Visitor executes a disruptive plan, the terrorist’s identity is finally revealed and the struggle save the conference begins.
This book is about the victims of terrorism and how they can make the world a better place by seeking creative solutions to their grief. To aid the understanding of this process, a modern interpretation of the ancient Indian paradigm of the Dance of Shiva is revisited in terms of fostering our ability to forgive. Through the media of fiction, the book also offers novel solutions and debate. A new approach to nuclear disarmament is suggested using a method called Nuclear Escrow. School yard bullying is dealt with by virtual reality therapy!