Canadian Visitor is a work of fiction in the adventure/mystery genre. This book is about people from Canada, England and India interacting with one another to deal with global warming, the threat of a nuclear holocaust in the Indian Sub-Continent and terrorism.The author provides a solution by way of a fictional account of ordinary people who solve small problems that lead to a bigger solution.
     This book is a fast moving mystery thriller that will keep the reader guessing  until the end. Canadian Visitor is the code name given to a terrorist by Scotland Yard in the UK. Will the authorities apprehend this arms dealer financed terrorist before he disrupts a carbon abatement and nuclear disarmament conference in Lincoln City,
     In Lincoln City, a special education teacher struggles to find the resources to help two of her special needs children. She has a chance encounter with a brilliant but troubled Canadian scientist. She convinces him to use his technical skills to help her students. But who is this enigmatic scientist and what is he doing in Lincoln? Could he be the Canadian terrorist the authorities are looking for?
     Will the developing relationship between the school teacher and the mysterious scientist be thwarted by their cultural differences and will this be a case of unrequited love?
     For an answer to all these questions and more, you must read the book! The book is not just a fast moving, page turning thriller, it is also packed with useful information and debate. For instance, a character in the novel claims that man's inherent sense of insecurity predisposes the convention nuclear disarmament attempts to failure. He proposes instead a concept called Nuclear Escrow, wherein participating nuclear armed nations in Asia can remove their weapons from the launch pads and place them in a electronically monitored Escrow zone.
     You learn about supercomputers as the Canadian scientist
regales his love interest by constructing a supercomputer to run powerful virtual reality teaching units for her special education students.
     Most importantly, the ancient Indian paradigm of the Dance of Shiva is interpreted as an advocate of the power of forgiveness that can be directed to combat terrorism.